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O. G. Hempstead & Son to Walt Whitman, 28 April 1888

Dear Sir:—

We will receive your acct by the "Br. Prince," now due from Liverpool, consigned to us for your acct​ ., one package containing apparel valued at £1.1 We would thank you for your invoice covering same as early as possible in order to clear through customs on arrival. The package will come to us through the medium of Messrs. G. W. Wheatley & Co. If the apparel contained therein is worn at all, kindly say so when replying to the above; and oblige

Yours truly O. G. Hempstead & Son.

O.G. Hempstead & Son was a customs brokerage house located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • 1. Whitman wrote his response to O.G. Hempstead & Son on the front of a blank envelope (for Whitman's response, see his letter of May 2, 1888). For more on Whitman and Traubel's dealings with O.G. Hempstead & Son, see Traubel, With Walt Whitman in Camden, Wednesday, May 2, 1888). Whitman described Lady Mount Temple's present as "a beautiful vest of knit stuff, wool, & silk" in his letter to Robert Pearsall Smith of May 7, 1888. [back]
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