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[His theory is]

  • Whitman Archive Title: [His theory is]
  • Whitman Archive ID: med.00780
  • Repository: Catalog of Unlocated Walt Whitman Manuscripts
  • Date: about 1883
  • Genre: prose
  • Physical Description: number of leaves unknown, handwritten
  • View Images: currently unavailable
  • Content: Manuscript known only from a transcription published in Wake 7 (Autumn 1948), 10. At that time, the manuscript was in the private collection of Milton Einstein; its current whereabouts are unknown. The contents of the manuscript set forth the "theory . . . that there are two natures in Walt Whitman," one full of "benevolence tenderness and sympathy" and another "far sterner," encompassing "things evil." Whitman wrote this passage for Maurice Bucke's 1883 biography Walt Whitman (Philadelphia: David McKay), where the words are put in the mouth of an unnamed acquaintance, a "distant relative" of the poet (56).

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