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J. Hubley Ashton to Isaac N. Arnold, 4 August 1865

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Attorney General's office, August 4, 1865. Hon. Isaac N. Arnold, Auditor of the Treasury for the P. O. Dep't. Sir: I enclose you herewith a letter addressed to this office by Hon. Joseph Casey, of the court of claims, and also a letter to Judge Casey by Col. I. F. McCay, requesting that the latter gentleman be relieved from a judgment obtained against him in the Western District of Pennsylvania, on a Postmaster's bond, in which he was one of the sureties. It would seem that under the circumstances of this case, as stated by Col. McCay, it would be entirely just and right that the United States should consent, through the District Attorney, that the judgment against the parties should be opened, & that they should be admitted to defend, on showing by proper affidavits a good legal defence to the claim. The instruction may either be given by you to the District Attorney, under the Acts of Congress, or by this office. I will thank you to advise me whether you will send such instruction to the District Attorney,—or, if you should conclude not to do so, I will be pleased to be informed of your objections to that course. Be pleased to return the enclosures when you shall have determined upon the proper action in the case they present. Very respectfully Your obedient servant J. Hubley Ashton, Acting Attorney General.
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