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Henry Stanbery to William A. Dart, 26 September 1866

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Sept. 26, 1866. To Wm. A. Dart, Esq. Dist. Attorney, Potsdam, N. Y. Sir: On the 4th of June last, Mr. Williams, Dep. U. S. Marshal at Buffalo, called upon Gen. Barry, commanding at that point, for a military force to seize certain boxes of arms & accoutrements then in the possession of the American Express Company. A military force was detailed accordingly to act as a posse in aid of the Marshal—and 20 cases, marked P. O. Day, and 2 cases marked Dr. Donnelley, Buffalo, New York, were seized and stored in Fort Porter, Buffalo, for safe keeping—where they still remain. The Secretary of War has ordered Maj. Gen. Barry to deliver these cases to such person or officer as should be designated to receive them by the Attorney General. I have today endorsed on the same paper which contains a schedule of the property, & the order of the Secretary of War, an order requesting the delivery of the property to the American Express Company. I enclose herewith the paper referred to with both the orders endorsed thereon, & authorize you to deliver the same to the said Express Company, or their authorized agent, upon the execution & delivery to you of a Bond to be executed to the United States by responsible obligors (to be approved as such by the Dist. Judge of the United States at Buffalo) in a penal sum equal to double the value of the property, upon condition that it shall not be used for any unlawful purpose. Very respectfully, &c, Henry Stanbery Attorney General.
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