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Henry Stanbery to Edwin M. Stanton, 4 October 1866

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October 4, 1866. To Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Dear Sir: On the docket of the Supreme Court for next winter, in the case of Jasper Strong, v. U. S., in which you are marked as counsel for plaintiff in error. It is a writ of error to the District Court of Florida. The suit was on a purser's bond. As the case is No. 8 on the docket, and will be reached at the beginning of the term, it is desirable to know whether you expect that the plaintiff in error will be ready for argument, or will desire the case continued. I will thank you to inform me of this at your earliest convenience, as our docket of cases is now under consideration. If you will desire the case continued, no preparation need be made by this office. Very respectfully, &c. Henry Stanbery Attorney General.
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