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Henry Stanbery to Benjamin D. Silliman, 25 October 1866

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October 25, 1866. To Benj. D. Silliman, Esq. Counsellor at Law, New York. Sir: I am in receipt of your letter of the 24th inst. relative to certain cases between private parties, on writ of error in the Supreme Court, involving certain questions affecting the rights of the United States. I believe it is usual, in such cases, that the burthen of an application to the Court for the advancement of the causes should be taken by the party desiring it, unless the Head of the proper Department should request the Attorney General to intervene, on behalf of the Government, & coöperate with the interested party in making the motion. I think it proper, therefore, that I should refer your letter to the Sec. of the Treasury, & obtain an expression of his wish in respect to the cases which you mention. Very respectfully &c Henry Stanbery, Att'y. Gen.
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