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Henry Stanbery to Edwin M. Stanton, 18 June 1867

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June 18, 1867. Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Sir: Among the papers referred by your letter of the 13th ult., respecting the title of a proposed military site on Long Island, Boston Harbor, I find the enclosed bills of costs & charges, which had been forwarded to you for administrative action, as for expenses incurred in the collection of evidence, etc., relative to the title. Among them is the bill of the U. S. Dist. Attorney, for his services. In your letter, above mentioned, you say: "I will also thank you for your opinion on the enclosed bill of the U. S. Dist. Attorney, for services connected with the investigation of the title, sent to this Department by Gen. Benham, of the corps of engineers." I have no information of any question of law, nor do you suggest any, in connection with this demand. As a claim against the United States, it is clearly without my official province, & I must therefore respectfully decline to express any opinion upon it as such. With the highest esteem, I remain, yours, &c. Henry Stanbery Attorney General [Bills, &c. enclosed.]
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