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Henry Stanbery to Samuel G. Courtney, 1 November 1867

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November 1, 1867. Hon. S. G. Courtney, U. S. Attorney, S. District, New York. Sir: The following communication has been received from the Secretary of War, ad int.: "Information has been received from Hon. Chales A. Dana, of New York City, late Assistant Secretary of War, that suit has been instituted against him by Mr. G. B. Lamur, of Savannah, Georgia, on account of the arrest and imprisonment of the latter, by order of this Department, in 1865. As any part had by the Mr. Dana in these proceedings was in the performance of his duty, as a public officer, I have to request that the U. S. Dist. Attorney for the Southern District of New York be instructed at once to take charge of the case, and the requisite authority is hereby given for the employment of counsel, should such be necessary for the proper defense of the suit." In accordance with the above request of General Grant, and in conformity with the practice of this office, you are hereby instructed at once to take charge of the case in defense of the suit. If you desire extra counsel, the War Department will give the requisite authority for the employment thereof. Very respectfully, Henry Stanbery, Attorney General.
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