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Henry Stanbery to Hugh McCulloch, 5 November 1867

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November 5, 1867. Hon. Hugh McCulloch, Secretary of the Treasury. Sir: In the matter of G. B. Lamar's papers, it appears that they were originally brought to the seat of government in charge of the War Department, from which they were transferred to the Treasury Department, and upon a reference recently but informally made, the box containing them was unnecessarily brought to the Attorney General's Office. I have just received your letter of the 1st instant, in which you enclose a copy of that of the Secretary of War ad interim. In the latter you are requested not to furnish Mr. Lamar with any of said papers, or copies thereof, without the assent of the War Department; and in the former you request me to cause General Grant's wishes in this respect to be observed in this Office. As the only controversy of which I have any information turns upon the right of the Government under the circumstances to retain the papers, your request is understood as a withdrawal of the whole matter from this office; and accordingly I return herewith the box containing all the papers. Respectfully Your obedient servant, Henry Stanbery, Attorney General. [Box sent with above letter to Treasury Department.]
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