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John M. Binckley to Samuel H. Torrey, 6 November 1867

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November 6, 1867. Samuel H. Torrey, Esq. United States Attorney, New Orleans, La. Sir: The matter covered by your letters of the 18th July and 29th October has been considered by the Attorney General and he instructs me to say, that, as a result of a full review of the statutes touching the powers and duties of District Attorneys, and their settled practical construction, in connection with the 56 Sect. of the Currency Act, it is his decision, that, until the parties contemplated in the said 56 Sect. demand the services of the United States Attorney, he is not bound to render them, and, consequently, that whether Receiver Case may avail himself of your official aid in the suits and proceedings in question, is a matter believed to be within the responsibility and discretion on the Department having control of Mr. Case's action. Respectfully, your obedient servant, John M. Binckley, Assistant Attorney General. [Copy of above sent to Secretary of the Treasury]
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