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John M. Binckley to William H. Seward, 14 November 1867

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November 14, 1867. Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State. Sir: The Attorney General directs me to enclose to you the telegram herewith addressed to him, under this date, by H. J. Fitch, Esq. United States Attorney at Savannah, Georgia, inquiring whether he may employ O. H. Lochrein as associate counsel in a case which he denominates, "U. S. vs. Clark, indicted for kidnapping negro British subjects." The Attorney General, perceiving in this a case probably of diplomatic complexion, deems it proper to hear from your Department, as to the propriety and expediency of authorizing Special Counsel in the case referred to. It is, of course, assumed that your action in the matter does not necessarily require any steps to be taken in this office. Respectfully, Your obedient servant John M. Binckley Assistant Att'y Gen'l.
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