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F. U. Stitt to Henry S. Fitch, 15 November 1867

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November 15, 1867. H. S. Fitch, Esq. United States Attorney Savannah, Geo. Sir: I am directed by the Attorney General to say, in regard to your telegram of yesterday, as to the case of the United States vs. Clark, that this office has no information in regard to said case.— The Attorney General, believing it to be a question coming under the jurisdiction of the State Department, transmitted a copy of your telegram to Mr. Seward—and a copy of his answer is herewith enclosed. If, as Mr. Seward seems to think, it is a diplomatic question, the employment of assistant counsel will devolve upon the State Department. If the case is now pending, and further time is needed, you can easily move a postponement. This office would like to be informed in regard to the case. Very respectfully &c. F. U. Stitt Acting Chief Clerk. [Copy of Mr. Seward's letter enc. in above]
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