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Henry Stanbery to Hugh McCulloch, 19 November 1867

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November 19th 1867. Hon. Hugh McCulloch, Secretary of the Treasury. Sir: I have the honor to request you will issue a warrant on the Treasurer of the United States, in favor of the S. M. McKean, Esq. Disbursing clerk, Treasury Department, for the sum of Forty one hundred and thirty-five dollars and Eighty-six cents, ($4135:86.) and charge the same to the appropriations indicated below. I am, Sir, with great respect, Attorney General Salary of the Attorney General for November, 1867 $623:64    "   "     "   Assistant"        "            275:13    "        "   Clerks                 "            1,237:09 Contingent Expenses             "            2,000:00 $4135:86
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