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John M. Binckley to E. A. Rollins, 29 November 1867

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November 29, 1867. Hon. E. A. Rollins, Commissioner Internal Revenue. Sir: A complaint was made by special Agent, T. M. Cook, in a Report to your office, charging misconduct against the U. S. Marshal for the Southern District of South Carolina, in connection with a prisoner, one Simpson,— and said Report having been referred to the Attorney General, a copy thereof was forwarded to the U. S. District Attorney, with instructions of the 12th Sept. last, of which your office was furnished with a copy. I now enclose copies of the Reports of the District Attorney and Marshal respectively in the matter, for your information, and for such suggestion, if any, as you may think proper to offer. Respectfully, Your obedient servant, John M. Binckley, Assistant Attorney Gen'l. [copies enc.]
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