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John M. Binckley to R. W. Taylor, 5 December 1867

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December 5, 1867. Hon. R. W. Taylor, Comptroller of the Treasury. Sir: The Secretary of War ad interim has inquired of the Attorney General whether the compensation claimed by District Attorneys for their services in connection with the examination of Titles of real estate under negotiation to the government, should be paid out of funds under the direction of the Department contracting for the lands, or otherwise. Before entering upon the question, it is desirable that the practice of the accounting officers with respect to that particular emolument of Dist. Attorneys should be before the Attorney General, with information expressly whether the clause of the circular from this office of 4 June, 1857, (copy sent herewith,) is regarded as influencing the practice. Very respectfully, your obedient serv't, John M. Binckley, Assistant Attorney General. [copy enc.]
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