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Henry Stanbery to Benjamin F. Wade, 6 December 1867

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December 6, 1867. Hon. B. F. Wade, President of the Senate. Sir: In reply to the Resolution of the Senate, adopted December 5, 1867, "That the Attorney General be instructed to report, for the information of the Senate, how many Assistant District Attorneys he has appointed in the several Districts of the United States; what their names are, and the amount of salary paid them; also whether any persons appointed Assistant District Attorneys had previously been rejected by the Senate for any office, and, if so, the date of such rejection, and of subsequent appointment," I have the honor to submit the following list, viz:
Names Districts Compensation per. annum
H. D. Hyde Massachusetts $2000.00
G. W. Miller Northern New York 2500.00
Spencer Clinton " " " 2000.
Oscar Folsom " " " 2000
J. A.S. McClure Maryland 1200
W. C. Bunts Northern Ohio 1500
M. L. Perkins Western Tennessee 1500
Manetho Hilton Eastern Missouri 1500
M. L. Perkins was rejected by the Senate as United States Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, February 6, 1867. He was employed as Assistant United States Attorney for that District in the following August. No other, as far as I am informed, has ever been rejected by the Senate for any office​ The uniform rule in the employment of Assistant District Attorneys, is to employ only on the recommendation of the District Attorney. In the instance of Mr. Perkins this rule was followed. He was employed upon the recommendation of S. L. Warren, the District Attorney. A copy of Mr. Warren's letter is annexed. I have the honor to be, with great respect, Henry Stanbery, Attorney General. [letter enc.]
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