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Matthew F. Pleasants to L. H. Chandler, 11 December 1867

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December 11, 1867. Hon. L. H. Chandler, United States Attorney, Norfolk, Va. Sir: The Attorney General directs me to call your attention to his previous letters to you of June 29th and September 30th 1867, requesting you to report to him the facts in the matter of sundry libels pending in your District against the property of the Messrs. Haxall, in which complaint has been made to the President that excessive and illegal costs have been charged; and to ask, for the third time, a prompt report of the fact in these cases. The Attorney General further directs me to call your attention to the circular letter from this office, dated February 15th, 1866, a copy of which is herewith enclosed, and to say that a strict compliance with its requirements is essential to the proper transaction of the business of this Department. Very Respectfully Yours, M. F. Pleasants, Chief Clerk.
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