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Henry Stanbery to William H. Seward, 13 January 1868

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January 13, 1868. Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State. Sir: Under date of the 29th November last, I expressed the opinion that the case of Gilson, the subject of your communication of the 21st September last, is within the provisions of the extradition Treaty with France, and stated that upon receiving a Report from the District Attorney of this District, further action would be had. I herewith enclose: 1. Certified copies of the official bond of said Gilson, and of his requisition on the Treasurer of the United States. 2. Certified transcript of his account with the United States from the records of the Treasury. 3. Copy of a letter from E. C. Carrington, Esq. United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, enclosing a certified copy of the information and warrant for the arrest of said Gilson. 4. Copy of a letter from R. W. Taylor, 1st Comptroller, to the Assistant Attorney General. 5. Letter from Morris B. Baer, one of Gilson's sureties. 6. Printed copies of treaties between United States and France. I have already transmitted to you, with my communication of the 29th November, referred to above, a copy of my letter of instruction to the District Attorney of this District, which, with the other papers named, will furnish all the information in the possession of this office, relative to the above matter. I have the honor to be, yours with respect, &c. Henry Stanbery, Attorney General. [papers enc.]
see Let. Book F p. 580
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