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Henry Stanbery to D. W. Middleton, 30 January 1868

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January 30, 1868. D. W. Middleton, Esq. Clerk of Supreme Court of United States. Sir: You will please send to this Office, for transmission to the Clerk of the United States District Court for California, the mandamus awarded at the last term of the Supreme Court, in the case of The United States vs. De Poli, directing the District Court to allow an appeal to the Supreme Court from the decree of the District Court, confirming the claim in that case. I will thank you to send the writ at your earliest convenience. It was supposed that the duty of transmitting this writ to the District Court devolved upon the clerk of the Supreme Court—but I am informed that you have waited for a special request from this office. Respectfully, &c. yours, Henry Stanbery Attorney General.
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