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John M. Binckley to Samuel H. Huntington, 25 March 1868

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March 25, 1868. Samuel H. Huntington, Esq. Chief Clerk, Court of Claims, Present Sir: I have to acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Reports of the Court of Claims, Vol. 2—with your letter of the 14th, inquiring what number of copies are required by this office under the 3d Section of the Act of 17 March, 1866—and have to say, in reply, that in addition to the copy received, which will be placed in the Library, there should be one copy for the Attorney General's table, one for the Assistant Attorney General's table, and one for the Law Clerk's table—in all, four copies. Respectfully, your obedient servant, John M. Binckley, Assistant Attorney Gen'l.
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