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Orville Hickman Browning to James C. Kennedy, 26 March 1868

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March 26, 1868. James C. Kennedy, Esq. Washington, D. C. Sir: Your letter of the 21st inst. relative to the advancement of the case of Kennedy, receiver, etc. vs. Gibson, et al. in the Supreme Court, has been received. The Secretary of the Treasury had previously requested Mr. Stanbery, late Attorney General, to move the advancement of that case so that it might be argued and decided at this term of the Court. But I am informed that he took no action upon the request of the Secretary, for the reason, probably, that the Court seemed indisposed, by refusing to advance other important cases, upon request of the Attorney General, at so late a day in the term to depart from the ordinary call of the docket. Under the circumstances, I think it expedient not to request the advancement of the case at this late day in the term. If it appears that the case will not probably be reached next term, the Attorney General may at an early day ask the Court to hear it out of its order. Very Respectfully, your ob'dt serv't, O. H. Browning, Attorney General ad interim
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