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John M. Binckley to David Parkinson, 21 May 1868

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May 21, 1868. Lieutenant David Parkinson, 25th Regular Infantry, Memphis, Tenn. Sir: Your request of the 9th instant for advice and information respecting the question of law whether the Act of Congress approved 2d March, 1863, to prevent frauds, etc. has become obsolete by the supervention of peace, has been received, but cannot with propriety be answered by the Attorney General. The opinions which emanate from this Office are furnished at the call of the President or Heads of Departments as provided by law. If your object is to afford assistance to the District Attorney that officer should have submitted his doubts for such instruction as the Attorney General might, upon his communication, deem expedient. I transmit, however, by this mail, to the District Attorney at Memphis a copy of a letter from this office, touching the same point of inquiry, which was issued for the instruction of the District Attorney for the District of South Carolina, under date of the 26th December last. Respectfully, Your obedient serv't, John M. Binckley, Assistant Attorney General
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