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Orville Hickman Browning to John McAllister Schofield, 10 June 1868

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June 10, 1868, Hon. J. M.Scofield​ , Secretary of War. Sir: The opinion of the Attorney General having been requested by the Secretary of War, respecting the disposition proper to be made of the Memphis Navy yard property, Mr. Stanbery, on the 6th March last, expressed his opinion in favor of the restoration of the property to the city of Memphis, unless further information, which he directed the District Attorney to furnish, should change his impressions. I have now to inform you that the District Attorney has made a Report, in the premises, from which nothing appears that could alter the case as it was before Mr. Attorney General Stanbery; and I therefore announce that the views expressed by him, in which I concur, will be regarded as the advice of this Office in the case. Respectfully, your obedient servant, OH Browning​ Attorney Generaladinterim
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