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William M. Evarts to John McAllister Schofield, 2 November 1868

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November 2, 1868. Hon. John M. Schofield, Secretary of War. Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith certain papers which have been transmitted to this office by Major-Gen. E. O.C. Ord, commanding the Department of California, in his letter of the 19th ultimo, which requests that instructions may be given by this office to the District Attorney in San Francisco to institute proceedings against the sureties in a contract of F. W. Robinson & Co. with the Quarter Master's Department. It is not customary for this office to instruct District Attorneys, by the request of officers of the Army, and these papers are transmitted to you for such action as you may deem proper. I will suggest, however, that the proper course would be, in case of a determination to bring suit against the sureties, for your Department to request the Solicitor of the Treasury to give the necessary instructions to the District Attorney, as all money suits in which the United States are concerned are directly within his jurisdiction. Very respectfully, &c. Wm. M. Evarts, Attorney General.
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