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William M. Evarts to Richard O'Gorman and Wheeler H. Peckham, 9 December 1868

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December 9, 1868. Richard O'Gorman, Esq. & Wheeler H. Peckham Esq. Attorneys, &c Gentlemen: Upon applying to the Supreme Court this morning to advance the argument in cases 406 and 407, on the docket of last year—now No's. 246 and 247 on the present docket—I accertain​ that by an order made at the last term of the court, they stood assigned for argument to-day, and were expected to be heard by the court immediately after the close of the argument of the Legal Tender case. I made the application for an assignment of these cases for the 5th of January next, or at least, for a day that should leave an interval of a fortnight between it and the assignment, as you requested. The court will to-morrow morning, dispense of the application, but it is quite uncertain whether they will not name a much nearer day than you have desired, as they regard the assignment as already having been distinctly made for argument to follow the legal tender case, which will be completed to-morrow. I will see that you are advised of the day assigned, as soon as it is fixed. Very respectfully, Your obd't serv't Wm. M. Evarts, Attorney General.
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