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William M. Evarts to Moses Hallett, 23 January 1869

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January 23, 1869. Hon. Moses Hallett, Chief Justice Colorado Terr. Sir: I have received through the Hon. G. M. Chilcott, Delegate in Congress from Colorado Territory, your application under date of December 31, ultimo, for leave of absence for three months from the Territory. As your application states no reason, public or personal, why this leave of absence should be desired, or should be granted, and it appears from your letter to Mr. Chilcott, which he has submitted with your application, that it covers the term of court regularly to be held by you, and requiring special arrangement in consequence of your meditated absence, I am obliged to say that, as the matter is now presented to me, I deem it incompatible with the public service that the leave desired should be granted. I shall regret it if this shall occasion a personal inconvenience to you. Very respectfully, Your obedient serv't, Wm. M. Evarts, Attorney Gen'l.
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