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Matthew F. Pleasants to Little & Brown, T. & J. W. Johnson & Co., W. H. & O. H. Morrison, John Campbell, 12 February 1869

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February 12, 1869. Messrs. Little & Brown, Boston, Mass. "   T. & J. W. Johnson & Co. Phil, Pa. "   W. H. & O. H. Morrison, Washington John Campbell, Law Books, Phil, Pa. Sir: I am directed by the Attorney General to enclose you the accompanying list comprising a number of Vols. of American State Reports which it is desired to purchase for the Library of this office, with the view of ascertaining whether you can supply any of the Vols. there indicated—and to request you, if so, to note opposite the respective titles mentioned on the list, in the column of remarks, such Vols. as you are able to furnish, with the price of each, and to return the same to this office. Very respectfully yours, M. F. Pleasants, Ch. Cl.
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