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Matthew F. Pleasants to Develin, Miller, & Trull, 27 February 1869

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Feb. 27, 1869, Messrs. Develin, Miller & Trull, 82 Nassau St. New York, Gentlemen: I am directed by the Attorney General to acknowledge the receipt of copy of "Pleadings and Notice to U. S. Attorney General" in the following cases: Alfred Kearney ag't Benjamin F. Butler John H. Lester ag't . . . The same; action No. 1. The same   ag't   The same, action No 2 Henry A. Tilden  ag't . . . . The same. Henry N. Lubrecht ag't . . . The same. I am further directed to say that no action can be had in this office in these cases until the appointment of a successor to Mr. Evarts. Very resp. yours, M. F. Pleasants, Ch. Clerk.
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