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Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar to Lyman Trumbull, 3 April 1869

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April 3, 1869. Hon. Lyman Trumbull, Chairman Judiciary Com. U. S. Senate. Sir: There are no papers on file in this office in relation to the appointment of Edwards Pierrepont or Isaac N. Quimby. They were not, so far as I am aware, candidates for the offices to which they have been nominated, and were selected from considerations of high public character and personal fitness, which needed no certificates. Mr. George Willey was not an applicant for office, but I was satisfied from the testimony from every one who knew him that he was one of the leaders of the bars of Northern Ohio, and that the government would be fortunate in obtaining his services, if he would accept an unsolicited appointment. The friends of all the candidates agreed that Mr. Willey was a gentleman of high professional position & personal worth, & a firm Republican. So much of the evidence respecting his qualifications has been oral, or contained in letters on other matters not placed on file, that the few papers I send to the Committee give but a meagre idea of it, though they are all to which your request relates. I send the other papers, with a request that they shall be returned, after the Committee shall have examined them. Perhaps I ought to add that Mr. E. C. Camp and Mr. R. McPhail Smith were the only persons suggested from any quarter for the Tennessee appointments. Very respectfully, E. R. Hoar.
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