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Matthew F. Pleasants to T. & J. W. Johnson & Co., 28 or 29 April 1869

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April 28 or 29 1869. Messrs. T. & J. W. Johnson & Co. Gentlemen: Your letter of the 4th ult., returning the list previously transmitted to you from this office, on which were designated the volumes of State Reports needed to fill up the Library of the Attorney General has been received.—On estimating the cost of the entire number of volumes then mentioned, according to the prices which you have kindly indicated on the list, it is found to greatly exceed what the limited appropriation at the command of the office will at this time allow for their purchase—and it is therefore deemed expedient to order but a portion of them now.—A separate list has accordingly been prepared, and is herewith enclosed, exhibiting the volumes which you are authorized to furnish. But as there will not be funds available to meet a bill for all of these books before the 1st of July next, you may either send only half of them now, and forward the remainder at that time, or send the whole of them at once, and wait until then for payment of half of the account. Very Resp. yours, M. F. Pleasants, Chief Clerk.
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