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W. A. Field to T. Lyle Dickey, 1 May 1869

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May 1, 1869. Hon. T. Lyle Dickey, Assistant Attorney General. Sir: I am directed by the Attorney General to send to you the enclosed letter relating to the employment of Mr. Hyde, of Boston, as assistant counsel to Mr. Hillard, for the purpose of aiding him in the examination of certain witnesses whose depositions are to be taken to be used in a suit now pending in the Court of Claims, entitled, "The Merchants National Bank, vs. The United States." The Attorney General is of opinion that Mr. Hyde is a suitable person to be employed, if it is necessary to employ anybody—and he is desirous that no proper pains be spared in the preparation of the case.—You are requested to give your opinion on the necessity or propriety of employing Mr. Hyde, and to state the appropriation out of which he can be paid, if employed, and the manner in which the amount of his compensation should be determined.— Please return the enclosed letter. Very Resp. yours, W. A. Field, Acting Attorney General. [letter enc.]
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