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Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar to George S. Boutwell, 31 May 1869

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May 31, 1861​ . Hon. Geo. S Boutwell, Secretary of the Treasury. Sir: I have the honor to transmit to you the enclosed papers relative to the case of Arthur Ballon who is under indictment in the U. S. Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, for the illicit distillation of spirits, and who applies for the entering of a nolle prosequi. The letter of R. B. Carnahan, Esq. U. S. Attorney, herein enclosed, contains a statement of the facts, and of the law in this case, from which you will see that a nolle prosequi cannot be entered without the assent in writing of the Secretary of the Treasury and of the Attorney General. Will you be pleased, therefore, to examine the enclosed papers, to ascertain whether, in your judgment, such assent is desirable in this case? I have the honor, &c. &c. E. R. Hoar, Attorney Gen.
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