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Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar to James F. Casey, 13 July 1869

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July 13, 1869. James F. Casey, Esq. Collector, &c. New Orleans, La. Sir: The President has handed to me your letter to him of the 7th instant, with the request that I would send a reply to it. Judge Morgan, the District Attorney at New Orleans, has leave of absence for sixty days, for a visit to his family. He saw the President, the Secretary of the Treasury, and myself, when he passed through Washington; and we have no doubt that he will prosecute violations of the law with vigor and fidelity, notwithstanding any social relations which may have existed between him and them.—He certifies to the skill and capacity of Mr. Gurley to do whatever may need to be done in his absence—has made the proper arrangements for the obtaining and preserving the necessary evidence in the cases already commenced—and intends to return before any thing needs to be done which will involve meeting the counsel for the defence. As the courts are not in session, there will be no trials until he can attend to them personally. It is his intention to prosecute the defrauders of the revenue criminally as well as civilly; but whether the civil suits should first be disposed of, is a question involving an exercise of sound discretion, on which he must act under his official responsibility—though I have no doubt he will very gladly confer with you on the subject, and desire your coőperation. If any more seizures are to be made, I think you will find that Mr. Gurley is competent to draw and prosecute the libels and informations, and to commence all proper preliminary proceedings, civil and criminal. Mr. Baufield, the Solicitor of the Treasury, who is a good lawyer, will hand you this letter, and I shall direct Mr. Gurley to take whatever measures may seem to be required under his advice. Very Respectfully, E. R. Hoar, Attorney General.
Cases, frauds, &c. in New Orleans.
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