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Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar to Charles Durkee, 15 July 1869

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July 15, 1869. Hon. Charles Durkee, Governor Utah Territory, Great Salt Lake City. Sir: An application has been made to the President for the pardon of Thomas Branigan, convicted of murder in the Territory of Utah, and sentenced to be executed on the 26th inst. As there may be some doubt in regard to the respective powers of the President and the Governor of the Territory in the matter of pardons, and the case is presented without sufficient time to give it proper consideration, I have advised the President to order a reprieve until the first day of October next, (valeat quantum.) and would request that you would issue a similar order granting a reprieve to the same date, in order that all questions of authority and regularity of procedure may be avoided. There will then be time to consider maturely whether the President's general power of pardon is concurrent with your own in such cases. Respectfully, E. R. Hoar, Attorney General.
Pardon case Thos. Branigan
See p. 14 seq.
See Index p.8, letter B.
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