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W. A. Field to J. W. Douglass, 10 August 1869

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August 10, 1869. Hon. J. W. Douglas Acting Commissioner Internal Rev. Sir: I have received your letter of the 7th instant, informing this Office that you desire to Employ A. S. Ridgely, Esq., and B. Stockett Mathews, Esq., as Attorneys for the United States in the prosecution of the Internal Revenue suit of United States against A. J. Ullman. Without considering in this letter the question whether you have or have not the right to employ counsel in Internal Revenue suits, without the approbation of the Attorney General, I have to say that the employment of these persons as counsel in this case is approved. Very respectfully, your obedient serv't, W. A. Field, Act'g Attorney General.
Employment of Counsel by Comm'r Int. Rev.
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