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Matthew F. Pleasants to T. & J. W. Johnson & Co., 7 October 1869

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October 7, 1869. Messrs. T. & J. W. Johnson & Co. Philadelphia, Penn. Sirs: Your letter of the 13th August last, containing a list of Reports embraced in an unfilled order from this office, and also a list of Reports more recently published, was duly received, but was necessarily laid aside at the time in consequence of a pressure of other matters on our attention. In answer to your inquiry I have to state that you may forward all the volumes mentioned in that letter as included in the unfilled order, except Vol. 53, Georgia Rep. On examination, it is found that the latter are already in the Library. You may also forward the new volumes mentioned therein, except Vol. 40, Vermont Rep., and Vol. 28 Indiana Rep.; and in addition to the former you may send us, if you have them, Vol. 26 Maryland, and Vol. 51 Barbour's N. Y. Rep. If you desire immediate payment for these books, please send your bill in duplicate, and receipted. I am, Sir, Very, resp. &c. M. F. Pleasants, Chief Clerk.
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