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W. A. Field to Sidney Webster, 3 November 1869

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November 3, 1869. Sidney Webster, Esq. New York City. Dear Sir: Your letter of November 2d, relating to the libel against the Hornet, has been received, and I have to thank you for it. Your views seem to deserve attention, and as Mr. Benjamin K. Phelps will be in New York City by the time this letter reaches you, and is of counsel in the case against the Hornet, will you please present your views to him, that, if there is any evidence that the steamer was originally, in any respect, furnished, fitted out, or armed at Philadelphia, with the intent, mediately or immediately, to be employed in the service of any foreign people, to cruise or commit hostilities against the subjects of any foreign state with which the United States are at peace, the libel may be amended accordingly. Very respectfully, Your obedient servant, W. A. Field, Assistant Attorney Gen'l.
case of the "Hornet"
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