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W. A. Field to E. C. Baufield, 17 November 1869

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November 17, 1869. Hon. E. C. Baufield, Solicitor of the Treasury. Sir: I transmit herewith two papers sent me, asking that the United States Attorney for Rhode Island may not present the case of Wm. H. Corey, late Cashier of the National Exchange Bank of Providence, before the Grand Jury at the next term of the Court, in order that his counsel may be enabled properly to present his case, so that he may be released, and not prosecuted for alleged embezzlement and misapplication of the funds of the bank. I return also herewith certain papers relating to the same case handed me by you yesterday. Without pretending to have any accurate knowledge of this case, I think, in general, that a cashier of a bank who deliberately embezzles the funds of a bank should be prosecuted criminally, even though, after he is detected, he may have done all he can to secure the bank against loss; and I shall not instruct the U. S. Attorney as prayed for. As the case has already been sent to you, I do not wish to interfere with any directions you may see fit to give in regard to it. Very respectfully, your ob't sv't W. A. Field, Acting Attorney General.
Case of W. H. Corey, R. I.
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