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W. A. Field to Eugene Casserly, 3 December 1869

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December 3, 1869. Hon. Eugene Casserly, U. S. Senate, Washington, D. C. Sir: The Attorney General desires me to say that he is expecting to see you in reference to the case of Reeves vs. The United States, and that when you spoke to him in the Court room, he had no such knowledge of the case as enabled him to make any arrangement in regard to it. As he has not seen you, he supposes that you intend to try it in its order. If you do not, he will be glad to see you about it at your earliest convenience. The case will be No. 8 on the docket of the Court for the December term, 1869. Very respectfully, W. A. Field, Assistant Attorney General.
Case of Reeves, vs. The U. S.
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