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W. A. Field to Daniel Horlbeck, 14 December 1869

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December 14, 1869. Daniel Horlbeck, Esq Clerk U. S. Circuit Court, Charleston, S. C. Sir: I transmit herewith a writ of certiorari in the case of the U. S. vs. Alfred Huger and Charles T. Lowndes. I transmit also a transcript of the record in the case, and beg to call your attention to the bottom of page 9, where will be found the verdict, but no judgment. I will thank you to send the writ to this office, with the proper return. You will also please return the transcript as soon as you have examined it, as it is the only copy in our possession. Very respectfully yours, W. A. Field, Assistant Attorney General.
Case of U. S. vs. Huger & Lowndes.
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