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W. A. Field to A. D. Robinson, 22 December 1869

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December 22, 1869. A. D. Robinson, Esq. Assistant Attorney General's Office, Court of Claims Rooms, U. S. Capitol, Washington, D. C. Dear Sir: I have received your letter of the 21st instant, with the printed copy of the petition in the U. S. Court of Claims in the suit entitled The Portland Company vs. The United States, enclosed. Mr. Talbot said to me that there were reasons why he could not properly argue the case before the Court of Claims, and asked me to do so for him, which I promised to do. I desire that, in all things relating to taking testimony in the case, and getting it ready for trial, you will do everything which, in your opinion, is necessary to establish all the facts, and bring properly before the court all questions of law in the case, and give me at least two weeks' notice of the time it will be called for trial, that I may properly prepare myself for the argument in it. I do not understand that it is at all necessary for me to have anything to do with the preparation of the Case, except in the argument— but if you think it is, I will thank you to give me notice. I shall rely on you to take care of and watch the case, and give me timely notice if I am wanted in it. Very respectfully, W. A. Field, Acting Attorney General.
Suit of the Portland Company vs. The U. S.
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