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Matthew F. Pleasants to T. & J. W. Johnson & Co., 6 January 1870

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January 6, 1870. Messrs. T. & J. W. Johnson & Co. Philadelphia, Penn. Gentlemen: You are requested to supply this Office with the following State Reports, provided it can be done at rates not exceeding those heretofore proposed by you: Alabama—Stewart's Reports (1827-1831) 5 vols. Stewart and Porter's Rep. (1831-1834) 5 " Texas Reports, Vols 13 to 22 inclusive and Vols 24, 26, and 27. Kentucky—Hughes Rep. (1785, 1801) 1 Vol Sneed's Rep. (1801, 1805) 1 " (These Kentucky Reports have been recently represented by Clarke & Co. of Cincinnati.) I enclose the bill just received from you, which please include in your future account for books, which may be furnished by you upon the accompanying order as well as upon the unfilled one now in your hands. It is desirable that when an account is presented by you for payment, it shall embrace all books delivered and not paid for down to date, so as to leave nothing outstanding. Very respectfully, your obd't serv't. M. F. Pleasants, Chief Clerk.
Library books.
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