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Matthew F. Pleasants to Chester H. Krum, 7 February 1870

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February 7, 1870. Chester H. Krum, Esq. St. Louis, Missouri. Sir: The Attorney General directs me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 4th inst., and to say that your Commission will be forwarded to you, as soon as it is perfected in the State Department. He consents to the appointment of Wm. Patrick, Esq. as your assistant—but as he is informed that the business of your office is rather decreasing than increasing, he is not willing to allow a larger compensation to Mr. Patrick than was granted to Mr. Anderson, his predecessor, namely Fifteen hundred dollars per annum. His accounts should be rendered in duplicate to this office, with the approval of the District Attorney endorsed upon them. His first account should be rendered at the end of the first quarter of 1870. Very respectfully, M. F. Pleasants, Chief Clerk.
Commission on U. S. Att.
App. of Wm. Patrick as Asst. U. S. Att. authorized
see Ins. Book A. p. 565
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