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W. A. Field to D. W. Middleton, 3 March 1870

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March 3, 1870. D. W. Middleton, Esq. Clerk Supreme Court, U. S. Sir: In No. 66, Boylan, Plaintiff in Error, vs. The United States, in regard to which I wrote you a few days ago, Mr. Cox, of counsel for the plaintiff in error, has represented that the facts on which the application for an amendment of the agreed statement was made, were not fully presented to the Internal Revenue Bureau, on whose opinion the Attorney General acted in declining to consent to any such amendment, and that he desires a few days to present those facts to that bureau. Will you be kind enough to say to the Chief Justice that if agreeable to him, the question of consenting to such an amendment will be regarded as open during all next week—but unless he is notified during next week that the proposed amendment has been agreed to, it may be assumed that no amendment will be made, and the case will be left to be determined on the record, as it existed at the argument. Very respectfully, W. A. Field, Assistant Attorney Gen'l.
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