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Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar to Jessup & Moore, 4 March 1870

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March 4, 1870. Messrs. Jessup & Moore, Philadelphia, Penn. Gentlemen: Your letter of March 3d, inst. is just received. Whatever you desire to know, in regard to your trial, you will please to apply for information to the District Attorney at Detroit, as in making the arrangements, which I have already done, I have not intended to take any charge of the management of your case, nor to be the medium of communication with you respecting it. I informed you that your case would be continued. I suppose this involves, as a consequence, that there is no necessity for your presence at Detroit; but you must inquire of the District Attorney, and not of me, respecting it. Very respectfully, E. R. Hoar, Attorney General.
Case of Detroit &c.
see p. 219 ante
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