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Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar to William T. Sherman, 14 April 1870

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April 14, 1870. General Wm. T. Sherman, U.S.A. Sir: I send enclosed herewith a copy of a letter received this day from Warren Cowles, Esq., U. S. Attorney for Dakota Territory, asking that Peter Holt, late a private in the 13th infantry, and now a private in Company G., 19th U. S. Infantry, stationed at Baton Rouge, La., may be ordered to report to the U. S. Attorney, at Yankton, Dakota Terr., on the first Monday of June next, as a witness in the trial of James Kehoe, who has been indicted in the District Court for Dakota Territory, charged with the murder of John Ohlfeldt at Fort Totten. I have respectfully to ask that the proper order may be given to ensure the attendance of Holt at the trial, as it is said that his testimony is indispensable. Very respectfully, Your obd't servt, E. R. Hoar, Attorney General. (enc.)
official request.
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