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Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar to Robert C. Schenck, 9 June 1870

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June 9, 1870. Hon. Robert C. Schenck, M. C. Washington, D. C. Sir: The District Attorneys make no report to this office of particular prosecutions, and I have therefore no information in relation to Capt. Cullen. I will venture to suggest that your friends can learn what they wish most directly, and avoid circuity and delay, by addressing Mr. Wm. Dorsheimer, the U. S. Attorney at Buffalo, N. Y.; and that if Capt. Cullen is found to be imprisoned for want of bail, they can then furnish him with bail at once. The time that it would take to investigate the merits of the case by correspondence carried on from Washington, makes the other course the most advisable. The instructions given to the U. S. Attorneys in Vermont and New York were that they should cause the leaders of the Fenian attack on Canada to be arrested, prosecuted and punished; but to allow the poor dupes whom they had swindled and were leading to destruction, to disperse and escape. If Captain Cullen is a man of such worth and general good repute as seems probable from the telegram. I hope that he would not be found belonging to either class - but if he has been engaged as a leader in such a scheme of murder and robbery against our inoffensive neighbors over the border, it is not of course, a matter that can be lightly dealt with. Very respectfully and truly yours, E. R. Hoar, Attorney General.
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