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W. A. Field to John A. Bingham, 18 June 1870

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June 18, 1870. Hon. John A. Bingham, Chairman Judiciary Committee House of Representatives. Sir: I received, on the 17th inst. your letter of the 16th inst. asking that the U. S. Attorney for Virginia be requested to appear for and defend U. S. Marshal Parker, charged before a State Court of Virginia with contempt in not obeying a writ of habeas corpus issued from that Court, while executing a warrant of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, by arresting Patrick Woods, and bringing him to answer at the bar of the House for a breach of its privileges. I yesterday directed U. S. Attorney Henry H. Wells, Esq. by telegraph, as well as by letter, to appear for and defend Marshal Parker, as you request, and informed him that the hearing was set down for to-day, (Saturday,) at Richmond—which is the time stated, in pencil memorandum, on your letter. I have the honor to be, Very respectfully, W. A. Field, Act'g Attorney General.
letter answered
defence of Marshal Parker Richmond Va.
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