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W. A. Field to J. A. Peters, 27 June 1870

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June 27, 1870. Hon. J. A. Peters, House of Representatives. Sir: I have received your letter of the 25th instant. enclosing Executive Document No. 282, H. of R. I think the recommendation of the Secretary of the Interior in that document should be complied with. As the Interior Department have on hand a portion of the volumes required, I think the Secretary of the Interior may as well complete the sets, and send them to the Judges. If, however, the Attorney General is to do it, the Secretary of the Interior should be requested to deliver to me for that purpose such of the volumes needed as are on hand in the Department of the Interior. I am informed that the Secretary of the Interior has uniformly had the distribution of the Statutes and Reports to the Department Judges, and District Attorneys; and I am not aware of any thing in the Act creating the Department of Justice that necessarily takes this business out of the control of the Secretary of the Interior. Very respectfully, your obd't serv't, W. A. Field, Act'g Attorney General.
Distribution of certain books.
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