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Amos T. Akerman to Stanley Matthews, 6 December 1870

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December 6, 1870. Stanley Matthews, Esq. Cincinnati, Ohio. Sir: You are hereby retained as a special assistant to the District Attorney of the United States for the Middle District of Tennessee, as counsel for The United States, in the following cases in that District, namely: 1: The United States, vs. The Nashville and Decatur Railroad Co., and James W. Sloss, its President. 2: The United States, vs. The Nashville and Northwestern Railroad Co., and Michael Burns, its President. 3: The United States, vs. The Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad Co., and E. W. Cole, President—All pending in the U. S. Circuit Court for that District. This retainer is considered as a continuation of that which you have hitherto received from the War Department in said cases, and is made upon the same terms. You will take the oath required by law to be taken by District Attorneys, and will send a copy of the same to this office. Very respectfully, A. T. Akerman, Attorney General.
retainer as Counsel for U. S.
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